“Put together with artful imagination … beautiful sounds from his assembled quartet of musicians…a show that dealt its atmosphere in spades”                                                           **** (FOUR STARS) THE HERALD

“Deliciously eerie arrangements of ghostly-themed songs.. . ranged from delicately disquieting atmospherics to nigh-on orchestral-scale ominous grandeur”

Martin Green (Lau)

Becky Unthank (The Unthanks)

Inge Thomson (Karine Polwart Band)
Voice and noises

Niklas Roswall (All Sweden Nykelharpa champion)

Any collaboration between members of multiple BBC Folk Award winners Lau and The Unthanks was always going to make interesting listening, but in Crows’ Bones Musical Director Martin Green has created something really quite unexpected.

Crows’ Bones is a mesmerising and theatrical live concert and a study of ghost songs (old and new) brought to life by a group of world- class folk musicians pinpointing the very essence of what is most beautiful and unsettling within the traditional folk genre.

“Mischievous, endlessly creative….these densely arranged songs, collages and pure instrumental passages nearly submerge his accordion in glorious seas of sound”
The Scotsman on Martin Green

Commissioned by the UK’s most adventurous opera company; Opera North, Crows’ Bones looks and feels like no other show ever conceived by folk musicians.

Martin Green covers new sonic territory by using no front of house PA, instead the singers voices are amplified (where necessary) with a tin-can telephone
to gramophone horn system of his own invention that adds a distant, ageless quality to the perfectly matched vocals of Becky Unthank and Inge Thomson.

A beautiful but underplayed set, and lighting design from the award-winning Opera North’s technical crew bring the show together to form an entirely captivating piece of work.